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New exam pattern

New exam pattern=>
1.General students:-Ans ALL question.
2.OBC:-Write ANY question.
3.SC:-Read ONLY question.
4.ST:-Thanks for coming 2 exam..

College School Sms

Using ur brain is strictly prohibited

Using ur brain is strictly prohibited wen u enter in exam hall.

Q- U r in a boat in middle of river. U hav 2 candles & hav to light any 1 candle. U dnt hav anythng wid u in d boat. How 2 do it..

Ans-Take 1candle & throw it in d water.So d boat wil become LIGHTER. using dis LIGHTER u cn light d other Candle.
Another deadly ans-U throw a candle up & catch it. Catches win Matches. Using Matches u can light d candle.
If dat wasnt enough,1more ans-take water in ur hand & drop